surefeit slip covers

Trusted Surfeit Slip Covers

If a certain business that started in 1914 continues to be of service to the people until today, then it must be doing something good to stay that long in the industry. This is what Sure Fit Inc. is providing us. Their quality and easy to install furniture covers, surefeit slip covers and decorative … [Read More...]


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surefeit slip covers

Trusted Surfeit Slip Covers

If a certain business that started in 1914 continues to be of service to the people until today, then it must be doing something good to … [Read More...]

If you are looking for a furniture cover, whether it be for a couch or grille you would be best to Shop here for more types than you can imagine.

All Types of Covers
Most assume the only types of covers are for couches. However you can cover and protect almost anything. They even provide covers for your outdoor furniture including a grille. This picture shows what they call their Patio Armor. It keeps all your outdoor furnishings covered and protected from the elements. Also, instead of the typical black coverings you can get something that is stylish and matches all the other furnishings you may have.

Furniture Slip Covers

You can find many different types of covers for furniture. Furniture can be protected and redesigned.

Furniture Covered
You may want to protect your furniture from pets or kids (food spills etc.) or you may merely want to change the look of your furniture with different fabrics or colors. Regardless of your desire you will find a cover to fit perfectly and look great on the furniture using their perfect fit types.

Furniture Protected
One application is a throw instead of a cover, such as the pet cover you see here. This is a dual application as it is a cover and a bed for the animal.

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Outdoor Furniture Covers

More and more people are living outdoors. The outdoor elements are never kind. Depending on the area you live the range can be below freezing to temperatures over 100 degrees. You are not just covering your outdoor furniture, you are also protecting it.

Furniture Covered
They appropriately named their outdoor furniture covers "Patio Armor". These can resist all types of weather including mildew and mold. Know that they are not vinyl so they will resist cracks and tears. That is much better than my generic grille cover that ripped in just months. The covers are for benches, lounge chairs, grilles and even tables as well as umbrellas.

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You Can Cover That?

The number of items you can cover is amazing. There are literally too many to list. Chairs is obvious, however they also provide cushion covers and pillow covers. You can take any pillow in your house and cover it to match any piece of furniture. You no longer have to replace pillow covers, you merely cover them. Notice in the picture these look just like any other pillow, there is no difference when you cover them. Do not let the picture fool you as you can obtain any pattern of fabric as well.

Uncommon Coverings
Other types of covers are those for cars, wheelchairs, and lamp shades. Not only do they provide covers but they also provide rugs and window treatments.

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